About us

Malaysian Association of Project Management

Malaysian Association of Project Management (MAPM) was approved by the Government of Malaysia’s Registrar of Societies on the 3 May 2013 and was accepted by International Project Management Association as a Member Association in September 2014, thus carrying the brand IPMA Malaysia.

Neutral and Not Vendor-driven
The admittance of MAPM into IPMA further strengthened its key missions and objectives. Currently, in Malaysia, there are a few project management associations, but these are vendor-driven. This is the major reason for the establishment of IPMA Malaysia which aims to be neutral in the way the association propagates the development of the project management profession in Malaysia.

Our Members
The IPMA Malaysia’s members consist of professionals from different backgrounds such as finance, engineering, manufacturing, IT and academia. The key objectives of IPMA Malaysia are to provide a recognized forum for the free exchange of ideas, applications and solutions to project management issues; to collaborate with universities, other educational institutions and corporate entities to encourage appropriate education and career development at all levels of project management activities.

Becoming a member of IPMA Malaysia is the perfect way to enhance a career in project management. Members gain professional recognition, have access to exclusive project management resources, have unique opportunities to network and meet like-minded people. IPMA Malaysia is also aiming to accelerate the exchange and reduce the learning curve of project management practices between experienced and new practitioners.


A world in which ALL projects succeed.