1. The annual membership fees shall be payable on joining and on an annual basis.
  2. Regular Membership shall be RM 240 per  year plus entrance fee of RM 25.
  3. Student Membership shall be RM 120 per year plus entrance fee of RM 25.
  4. Subscription fees shall be payable annually on  the date of election to membership in the case of a member becoming a member during a calendar year.
  5. Subscription fees payable will be retained to meet the ongoing costs of the Association.
  6. Subscription fees shall be payable to the Treasurer by cash or such other method as may be acceptable to the Treasurer.
  7. No refund of subscription will be given should a membership cease for any reason during the year.
  8. Membership shall be terminated if the annual subscription fees are not renewed within the first 90 days after the member concerned has received two reminders.
  9. Corporate Membership is not being offered at the moment.

You can register online here or you can download the Membership Form here and submit it to us.